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New Bedroom Furniture Atlanta | Freeman Furniture

Monday, February 17th, 2014

New Bedroom Furniture Atlanta | Freeman Furniture

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200410q phoenix platform bedroom group

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The Phoenix Platform Bedroom Group is in-stock and can be delivered (FREE) to your Metro Atlanta address within 4 businessClick here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs! days with no sales tax! Click here to get more details.




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Available at

Are you looking for a good place to shop for bedroom furniture for your Atlanta, GA home? While you may be on a budget you don’t have to compromise your standards on quality. If you want to get quality furniture at discount prices and a fast reliable delivery you may be at a loss for practical solutions.

What are your options then? Well we all know the obvious and most traditional ways of shopping around from furniture store to furniture store but who really wants to spend their precious weekends combing through furniture showrooms only to find the merchandise overpriced and NEVER in-stock.

Here’s a viable option to consider. Try shopping for your new home furniture on the internet. You’ll save yourself some valuable time and money by purchasing from a local internet furniture company. Prices are lower (because the dealers overhead is lower), it’s tax-free (because it’s an internet company) and some even give free delivery.

So whether you’re looking for a sleigh bed, platform bed, canopy bed, poster bed or a storage bed you can do all the comparative shopping you want without even leaving your home or office. Be sure to read all of the furniture descriptions and dimensions for each group and call the web store to ask more questions about the merchandise and the expected delivery time.

Now you know that buying new furniture doesn’t have to be the chore our parents experienced a generation ago. You can get more details about buying new furniture in Atlanta by reading our Bedroom Furniture Atlanta Blog or visit to shop for bedroom groups right now.

No Credit Check Furniture in Atlanta

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

No Credit Check Furniture in Atlanta

$40 Down | No Credit Check | Free Delivery

So you’ve got a few credit challenges? Who doesn’t in this day and age? You still need furniture don’t you? As long as you need a bed to sleep on and drawers to put your clothing in and a table to eat on and a sofa to sit on you’re going to have to pay for it some way. Face it, life happens and you’re allowed to make some mistakes along the way but it doesn’t mean you have to enjoy it any less. Your Atlanta home, apartment, loft or condo needs furniture and we’ve got a solution to help you get what you need.

It’s called No Credit Check furniture financing. It’s simple to apply and 86% of applicants get approved because all you need to qualify is 6 months on your job and a checking account in good standing. With $40 down you can go ahead and have the furniture delivered to your home.  It’s sort of like an in-home lay-a-way.

While some finance companies seem to be satisfied with you owing them forever, there are newer companies with excellent reputations who pride themselves in actually offering incentives to help the customer pay off the furniture faster. For example you can find programs with a $40 Down No Credit Check payment plan that allows you 90 days to pay off the balance SAME AS CASH. And to boot your on-time payments will even be reported to Equifax to help build your credit score.

For more information about No Credit Check Furniture in Atlanta be sure to read our No Credit Check Furniture in Atlanta Review or visit us at You’ll be glad you did!

New Bedroom Suite in Atlanta

Tuesday, January 17th, 2012

New Bedroom Suite in Atlanta

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So it’s time to get a new bedroom suite. Either you’ve just closed on a new house or Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!condo or maybe you’re relocating to Atlanta, or maybe it’s just time to upgrade your current bedroom group, you’re going to need a new bedroom suite and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You also don’t have the time to physically drive around from store to store.

Buying a new bedroom suite in Atlanta does not have to be the task our parents experienced a generation ago. You can get more details about buying Bedroom Furniture in Atlanta by reading our Bedroom Suite Atlanta Review or visit to shop for deals on bedroom suites right now.


New Furniture Sales in Atlanta

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

New Furniture Sales in Atlanta

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I’m sure everyone who is in the market for new furniture is looking for the best Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!furniture sales in Atlanta. Whether you’re buying bedroom furniture, sofas, dining room groups, bunk beds or a kitchenette set you have got to find ways to save your family money. Your best bet is to begin your search on the world wide web. I know what you’re saying, “But I need to find furniture sales in Atlanta”. Using your favorite search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL always use long-tail key words when executing a search.

If you live in Atlanta always use “Atlanta” at the end of your search terms to localize the search results. So when you need a new platform bed then your search terms should be “Platform Beds Atlanta”. The website results that are returned will be more targeted to the items you’re looking for as well as the location that you requested. And now that you have some websites to choose from you can begin browsing furniture websites to look for local deals.

Be sure to always make sure that any furniture website you consider buying from has these 3 important things. #1. Telephone Number – Be sure that the furniture website lists a working telephone number that has a live operator or sales associate answering the telephone. #2 Terms and Conditions – Always look for a link with the terms and conditions which outline the return policies and all possible scenarios in the event of damage, etc. #3. Pricing – Only deal with furniture webstores that list their pricing for their merchandise.

Now you have a few websites to choose from and you can compare quality, pricing and shipping costs.  All that’s left is for you to call the furniture company to find out if the furniture you’re interested in is in-stock and when it can be delivered. You can get more details about New Furniture Sales in Atlanta from our website or read our Furniture Sales Atlanta Review.


New Bedroom Sets Atlanta

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

New Bedroom Sets Atlanta

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So it’s time to get new bedroom furniture. Either you’ve just closed on a new house or Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!condo or maybe you’re relocating to Atlanta, or maybe it’s just time to upgrade your current bedroom group, you’re going to need new Bedroom Furniture and you don’t want to spend a lot of money. You also don’t have the time to physically drive around from store to store.

With search engine traffic being in the millions per day specifically dedicated to online retail it’s no wonder why internet furniture sales have began to boom once again. Consumers are saving time and money by shopping online and taking advantage of online incentives like free shipping, lower prices and no sales tax. Internet furniture stores tend to have larger selections with more in-stock merchandise to satisfy the growing demands of their market.

So buying new bedroom furniture in Atlanta does not have to be the task our parents experienced a generation ago. You can get more details about buying Bedroom Furniture in Atlanta by reading our Bedroom Sets Atlanta Review or visit to shop for bedroom groups right now.

New Cheap Furniture in Atlanta

Monday, April 11th, 2011

New Cheap Furniture in Atlanta

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Okay we know you entered the keywords, “Cheap Furniture” in your search browser but Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!we know you really don’t want any cheap furniture in your home, right? What you really mean is that you want to find affordable furniture for your home. You want furniture that is within your price range or budget not furniture that is of poor quality, materials, craftsmanship and longevity? I thought so! Sometimes when you ask for cheap furniture there are furniture dealers out there who will really sell you just that.

Cheap, meaning rock bottom low prices, typically refers to furniture that probably won’t last long. I tell customers all the time, “You really don’t want a cheap mattress”. Then they say, “Yes I want something cheap”. Then I ask, “Oh so you want a mattress that’s going to be lumpy in a few months” then they say, “Oh no I don’t want that”. Well that’s what a cheap mattress is going to do.

Make sure that what you are really looking for is low priced furniture that is of quality construction.  Remember the saying, “You get what you pay for”. It really applies when you are considering furniture for your home. I mean think of it this way. There are certain things that we constantly have to replace in our everyday lifestyles. All inanimate things have a shelf life. Do you really want to have to replace a sofa every couple of years? I really don’t think that you do.

So do you really want a cheap sofa for $200 even if it is brand new? Just remember to think about how long that sofa is really going to last if you only paid $200 for it.  And I’m not suggesting that you have to pay $1500 for a sofa. I’m merely identifying that quality sofas don’t come at $200 prices. I hope this blog post gives you something to think about.  To learn more about “Cheap Furniture” read our Cheap Furniture Atlanta Review.

New COASTER Furniture in Atlanta

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

New COASTER Furniture in Atlanta

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Coaster Fine Furniture’s vision is to be a global enterprise, recognized throughout the world Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!as distinguished by its dedicated employees, distinguished customers, and reputable competitors. Coaster strives to set the standard by which other home furnishing businesses measure their performance. Their hallmark will be the furniture designs, quality, initiative and teamwork of our people, and our ability to anticipate and effectively respond to change and opportunity.

The Mission

The principal objective of Coaster is to be the best furniture distributor in America by way of exceeding customer expectations.

Coaster offers the best value in merchandise and the finest service to its customers.

The #1 goal is to be efficient in operations, utilizing teamwork, uncompromising respect and cooperation, and superior communications to provide for both their employees and customers.

Authorized Dealer





Coaster’s values are grounded in respect for the individual, the best customer service in the home furnishings industry and the pursuit of excellence.

What does Coaster Fine Furniture offer in it’s line of furniture? They offer Bedrooms, Dining, Accent Tables, Children’s Furniture, Sofas, Mattress Groups, Office Furniture, Lamps, Framed Art, Kitchenettes, Area Rugs, Accent Chairs, Recliners, TV Stands, Ottomans, Coat Racks and more!

To browse furniture designs by Coaster Fine Furniture visit or read our COASTER Furniture Atlanta Review. You will be glad you did!

New Dining Room Furniture Birmingham

Thursday, April 7th, 2011

New Dining Room Furniture Birmingham

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The season is always just right to give your Birmingham home a dining room makeover.Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs! Well you have made an excellent decision because the dining room can be one of the most versatile rooms in your family’s home.

Your dining room can be used for doing homework, crafts or paying bills.  But the most overlooked function of today’s dining room is actually for bringing the family together to share a meal. Find yourself a strong large table that will stand up to the wear and tear of today’s multipurpose uses is the 1st step in anchoring your new dining room decor.

When you are looking for the perfect furniture for your dining area, you should first consider the size of the place. If you have a small place, you should look for something that will just fit your area. A glass table will be perfect for your small room to have an open space. Get the measurement of your dining area when shopping for a dining set.

Base your decision on the number of people you usually have at dinner and then add two.  It’s nice to have the extra room for impromptu guests.  Of course, things change when the holidays come and there is always room for everyone. :-) The rules are easy, your dining area will look welcoming and your guests will be comfortable.

You can  find a great selection of quality Dining Room Groups at or for more information read our Dining Room Furniture Birmingham Review.



New High End Furniture in Atlanta

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

High End Furniture in Atlanta

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So you’re looking to make an investment into a high end piece of furniture and youClick here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs! want to be well studied and prepared when you began shopping. Well finding High End Furniture in Atlanta couldn’t be easier. Starting with your favorite search engine you’ll be able to get all the information before you even leave the house; if you even need to leave the house at all.

Today we’re going to cover a very important element in high end furniture, materials. Lots of customers constantly ask us if furniture has to be made of solid wood in order to be consider high quality or high end. My answer is always not really. I strongly believe in high grade veneers. Here is the lowdown on furniture veneer. Veneer wood furniture begins with thin layers of wood glued together with the grain at right angles over a thick core. This crisscross design reduces the chances of splitting or cracking. Plus, the glue is the equally strong, waterproof adhesive used in aircraft and marine construction, so the end result is actually stronger than the natural wood. Many people mistakenly assume that veneered furniture is inferior to or cheaper than solid wood; however, veneers quite often are used in high end furniture pieces and it can be more costly than solid wood.

The best, most interesting logs are cut into veneer. This is largely an economic decision–sellers and veneer makers can make more money from a high quality log sliced into veneer than they can from sawing it into boards. And certain cuts, such as burls, are structurally unsound in ‘the solid’. These beautiful woods can rarely be utilized unless they’re sliced into veneer

Environmentally Kind:
Saw timber is typically sawn into 1″ thick boards. The saw cuts a kerf between boards 1/4″ thick that winds up as sawdust. Veneer is not cut from the log but sliced with a knife (like lunch meat) into 1/32″ leaves or sheets. That produces 32 veneer surfaces for every 1 that is gotten from a board and with no wood wasted as sawdust another 8 sheets where the sawblade would have gone. That’s 40 surfaces of wood veneer for every 1 of solid wood.

Creates New Design Possibilities:
Since veneer is so thin and is glued to a stable substrate it allows designs and arrangements of the wood that would fail in solid wood. Solid wood, even kiln-dried, moves or works from summer through winter through summer again. A radiant table top would be impossible in solid lumber because the seams would open in winter and swell tightly shut in summer. Cross grain designs such as aprons and edge bandings are also impossible in solids. Solid burls are also largely unusable but frequently used in veneer.

Since veneer is glued with a waterproof adhesive to a stable substrate it produces surfaces not prone to warp or splitting or seasonal movement like real solid wood.

Plywood and medium density fiberboard are substrates used for furniture, are made from low quality trees. This means a market is provided the landowner for these trees. This leads to better forests over time since the trees remaining grow better and faster with less competition for resources. Its like weeding your garden only a lot bigger.

So now you know that getting a quality piece of furniture not only doesn’t have to be expensive but it also does not have to be made purely of solid wood.  You can browse high quality furniture in Atlanta at or for more details please read our High End Furniture Atlanta Review.



Furniture Bargains in Atlanta

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Furniture Bargains in Atlanta

Nicolas Home Office Group

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Getting the most for your furniture buying dollars is the number one Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!priority for consumers in Metro Atlanta who are looking to furnish their houses, apartments and condos. While saving money may be number one on the list, the next most important commodity furniture shoppers are looking to save is TIME. There used to be a time (long before the internet) when shopping for furniture meant starting at a furniture store. Well those times are long gone.

The best place to start your furniture shopping is on the internet with a search engine. It doesn’t matter whether you use Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. the search starts here. Enter your search terms and be specific, for example – “Bedroom Furniture Atlanta” and the search engine will return all the relevant pages of websites, blogs, forums and articles to match your request.

If you are looking to actually place your furniture order online. Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth experience: #1. Always make sure you call the online website and get a human being on the telephone.  #2. Before entering your credit card information be sure to make sure the item you are purchasing is in-stock. Otherwise you could be waiting weeks before your furniture is delivered. #3. Ask the furniture customer service representative ALL the questions you can possible think of before placing your order.

For more information on furniture shopping in Atlanta please read our Furniture Bargains In Atlanta Review

Also for a trusted online furniture store in Atlanta visit Freeman Furniture Designs. You’ll be glad you did.