Cheap Furniture Stores in Atlanta Review

Cheap Furniture Stores in Atlanta Review

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After adding Google Analytics to my website at I noticed Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!in several of my daily analytics reports that furniture shoppers will actually search for furniture on Google using the keywords “Cheap Furniture Stores in Atlanta“. I had to ask myself, what do people really mean when they say “cheap”?

I know you are already answering that question before I can type it but it’s pretty simple, when people say cheap they mean low-priced.  But my real question is who would advertise their furniture as “cheap” on the internet? I mean I know people are desperate to make a profit these days but the old saying, “you get what you pay for” could not be more true in this case.

Hear me loudly and clearly…with furniture cheap means one or more of the following: low quality materials, less comfort, failed mechanisms, i.e. drawers, doors, hinges, etc., So if you find yourself looking for “cheap furniture” just prepare yourself to re-purchase that item more than once because the cheap furniture will break down on you forcing you to have to replace it long before you should.

You have to make some sort of investment into quality furniture if you expect to get the full value and enjoyment out of it. If a new sofa costs you only $199 then you shouldn’t expect it to be very comfortable or to last you a very long time. You may have temporarily fulfilled your emotional desire to get it on the cheap but now you have to go out  and replace it after 1 year of usage. And you have to be bothered with getting rid of the old one.  It’s just not worth the hassle.

Do your research good people. If you are looking for a new bedroom group, use the internets, (W) :-) , to find out what actually goes into a quality bedroom group. Do your due diligence and research whether solid wood and plywood veneer is better than MDF (and it is). Find out whether “butt joints” are better than “dovetail joints” (and they aren’t).  Once you’ve educated yourself a bit and you know how much you want to spend then you will be in a better position to search the internet for the best prices for quality furniture.

Wanting to save money on new furniture shouldn’t result in settling for low quality. Browse for quality low priced furniture at and get FREE delivery within Metro Atlanta and pay no sales tax.