Dining Room Furniture Birmingham Review

Dining Room Furniture Birmingham Review

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The dining room has fast become an ignored or overlooked room in many homes inClick here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs! Birmingham due to the fast pace of kids extra curricular schedules, the internet and TV. Families find themselves preparing dinner and then separating into different rooms in the house to eat dinner.

If your dining room is a pass through room in your home maybe it’s time to give it a makeover in an effort to bring your family together again. A simple solution is to start with a new dining group. The traditional 7-piece dining group includes a dining table, 4 side chairs and 2 arm chairs. If your family is larger there are also 9 piece groups consisting of a dining table with a leaf, 6 side chairs and 2 arm chairs.

Counter height dining groups have become very popular in Birmingham also. This type of dining group includes chairs that have a 26″ seat height which is taller than a standard dining chair but shorter than a bar stool; which has a 29″ seat height. You may also find a counter height dining group with a corner chair and connecting benches to form a booth like setup around the counter height dining table.

Benches are now used to replace the side chairs on one side of a dining table to add some variety to your dining group. There are dining groups with Lazy Susans, wine racks, storage cabinets, shelving, drawers, etc. Depending on your needs there exists a dining table to meet your specific function.

China cabinets are also a very traditional part of a dining room group for displaying china and fine crystal. Now-a-days you can display family pictures, wine, and family heirlooms in your china hutch. Don’t be afraid to use a server or buffet in your dining room if space is limited. You can dress it up by hanging a mirror over it or shelves.

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