High End Furniture Atlanta Review

High End Furniture Atlanta Review

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In this day and age (2011) “High End Furniture” does not necessarily have Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!to be high priced furniture. Most furniture shoppers consider high end to denote most expensive furniture on the market. $10,000 sofas and $5,000 coffee tables fit right in with the high end label but do you really have to pay that much money to get high quality?

The answer is “No”. High end furniture typically is made using the best materials, the best joinery techniques and the best finishing techniques. We’ve found over the years that furniture that is the most expensive is not always of the highest quality. So how do you know the difference between high priced and high end?  Here is a quick  tip.

Joinery – Starting with drawer construction. With any high end casegood made with drawers always check to see if the drawers are made from solid wood with finger locking dovetails (English Dovetail)  joining the drawer sides to the drawer fronts. The drawer bottoms should be resting in a dado joint, which is a groove that is routed into each drawer side. The drawer bottom should be inserted into this groove without glue so that it may expand and contract with the changes in season. The drawer back should at least be glued into dado joints in the backs of the drawer sides. Accept no butt joints in high end furniture construction. High end is supposed to mean high quality and butt joints are the easiest, quickest and weakest of all joinery.

Fig. 1

The quality of English dovetails starts with the joint itself, shown in Fig. 1. This type of joint would be described as a “locking joint.” The taper of the male dovetail (on the drawer side) is turned opposite the direction in which the drawer is pulled open. With a tightly machined joint and the proper glue, this joint will last for generations. That is part of what creates heirloom quality furniture.

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