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New Discount Furniture in Metro Atlanta

Monday, January 11th, 2010

New Discount Furniture in Metro Atlanta

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No sooner than we post our Discount Furniture Atlanta Review I was asked by a few Metro Click here to shop at Freeman Furniture Designs!Atlanta furniture shoppers more questions about finding and purchasing online discount furniture around the Atlanta area.

The first question was, “When buying discount furniture online, is the furniture just left at your doorstep like a parcel package?” To answer that question, if you’ve purchased furniture on the internet and the furniture company just delivered the furniture to your door without scheduling a delivery time when someone would be home, it’s probably a sign that that particular company was not a good choice to buy furniture online.

A good online furniture company will actually give you a courtesy phone call after your order is placed online to schedule an in-home delivery. They should be able to offer you weekday and weekend options to accommodate your availability.

The next question was, “What if the furniture arrives to my home and it is damaged or missing pieces or parts?” If you are receiving a shipment from out-of-state the first thing to do is DON’T LET THE DELIVERY DRIVER LEAVE!!!! You have the right to refuse the shipment if the furniture is damaged. And how do we find out if the furniture is damaged..? OPEN THE BOXES and inspect the furniture IN FRONT of the delivery driver. If there is any damage make sure to have the driver make a note on the delivery receipt of all damages.

By purchasing online you can get better pricing and even free shipping but your ultimate goal was to get GOOD furniture so make sure your furniture is in tact before you allow the delivery driver to leave your home. Your next step is to call the furniture company and report the damages and let them know if you have refused the delivery so that they can re-deliver your furniture.

For more information on discount furniture in Atlanta read our Discount Furniture Atlanta Review And for a trusted discount online furniture store in Metro Atlanta visit